How to read our pool plans

  • Empty (white) spaces indicate the lane is available for public swimming.
  • Green, red or blue spaces indate an activity is booked in that pool or lane during those times.

Please be mindful these details may change at any time due to a change in restrictions and/or circumstances.

Indoor 25m Pool

Monday 8th July to Sunday 14th July - 25m Pool (PDF, 208.5 KB)

Monday 15th July to Sunday 21st July - 25m Pool (PDF, 210.2 KB)

Monday 22nd July to Sunday 28th July - 25m Pool (PDF, 210.6 KB)

Indoor Program Pool (Hydrotherapy Pool)

Program Pool Availability (PDF, 29.7 KB)

*Please Note: This plan is a guide for our current Term lessons. These lesson hours may vary through the term on short notice.

Outdoor 50m Pool

*Please Note: The Outdoor 50m Pool is currently closed for winter.