Wagga Wagga Diving Club


Diving has been a part of Wagga Wagga from the time it had a Swimming Complex. Diving was always part of the swimming curriculum, as a diver at school; the extra points added could give you the swimming Championship. In those dim days, back over 40 years ago, students dived on a wooden plank, can you imagine the shock, when divers competed in Sydney on a flexiboard.

When Diving became a separate identity from Swimming, Wagga Wagga always had plenty of interested students. Coaches were hard to find, so parents had to learn and step in. In Sydney, Jack and Madeleine Barnett were helping us always. One coach insisted that the divers committed to compete in the State Shell Age Events. It was only for competitors who did not win a state Event. This was great for all beginners, many of whom received ribbons at those competitions.

Over the years the Wagga Wagga Diving Club had great successes in Country, State and Nationals Championships. We have held several Country Championships and a very successful Senior State event. We have had many successful Championship divers, the most notable being Kate Henderson who has been inducted in the Sporting Hall of Fame in Wagga Wagga.

After the great successes of the Club through the 70s, 80's and 90's, it went into a hiatus. It is now up and running again with the support of a Committee and a group of up to 20 divers. The divers are achieving in Regional, State and National events under the tutelage of a team of dedicated coaches.

Wagga Wagga Diving Club

Wagga Wagga Diving Club offers diving tuition from November to April. It caters for beginners and recreational divers through to State and National divers. All divers are required to be registered with NSW Diving and the Wagga Wagga Diving Club.

Please contact the committee if you have any enquiries:


President- Alison Grigg
Treasurer- Janine Barrett